Detroit Ozone Investment Fund, LLC

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Fund Category: Pool of Assets

  • Summary

    Our investors have realized returns in the high teens to mid-20’s, define your criteria and we’ll find the deal to meet your goals. We are acquisition specialist and our track record speaks for itself.

    As real estate investment specialists (DOIF) Detroit Ozone Investment fund managers have experience in the residential rental and multifamily markets with a proven track record.
    Our expertise in identifying properties goes hand-in-hand with our vision of developing projects that are solid investments that add value to our investors, the neighborhoods and communities we invest in.

  • Details
    Investment Location: Michigan
    Fund Type: Pool of Assets
    Fund Size: $100m-$500m
    Fund Interests:
    • Accepting Investors
    • Seeking Projects
    Types of Projects: Community revitalization, Affordable housing, Multifamily residential, Mixed-use development, Public-private partnerships