Hamilton Opportunity Fund I

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Fund Category: Pool of Assets

  • Summary

    Multi-asset fund to purchase and improve 19 acres with @ 40,000 sf of existing structures. The property will be renovated/re-purposed as a Media Campus including sound stages, production offices and related support facilities. Fund will also purchase/renovate 110k sf office building in historic uptown Butte, MT into a Film Hub as well as a historic train depot in Butte, MT as a set location, entertainment venue and film production base camp. The fund will invest in both the real estate purchase/improvements as well as establishing the operating company that will be the primary tenant.

  • Details
    Investment Location: Montana
    Fund Type: Pool of Assets
    Fund Size: $5m-$25m
    Fund Interests: Accepting Investors
    Types of Projects: Real estate development and related operating company