Opportunity Funds

A tax savings strategy. A business funding source. Available in America for the first time ever in 2018. This website tells you what you need to know.


Opportunity Funds save taxes.  Do you have appreciated assets, like stocks, bonds, real estate, art or autos?  Before the Opportunity Fund, you couldn’t sell those assets without paying huge taxes (typically over 25%) on the gain.  Now, by using an Opportunity Fund Rollover, you can sell an appreciated asset and pay no taxes for 8 years! Learn more here.

Opportunity Funds

Opportunity Funds are so new that none have been created yet.  We don't even know what they will look like yet.  Some Opportunity Funds will probably be custom-created for specific large projects.  Other Opportunity Funds will look more like a Mutual Fund, but rather than investing in stocks, the Opportunity Fund will invest in businesses and real estate located in Opportunity Zones, and sell shares to the public.  Read more about Opportunity Funds here.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are low-income census tracts chosen by the governor of each state.  The process is competitive - each governor can generally only choose 1 out of every 4 low income tracts in the state - and the choices must be completed by April 22, 2018.  There will be some happy winners and some sad losers.  More information here.


All of this works only if someone creates qualifying projects or businesses in the Opportunity Zones, for the Opportunity Funds to invest in.  Are you a real estate developer, business owner or entrepreneur in a Low Income area?  This is your opportunity to shine - you now have what the world needs.  Sign up here