Opportunity Zones

What is an Opportunity Zone?

In early 2018, the Governor of each State nominated up to 25% of the low income census tracts within his or her state as Opportunity Zones (or up to 25 tracts, if the state had fewer than 100 qualifying census tracts).  The IRS approved each governor's nominations.

Where are the Opportunity Zones?

Click on the Map button below to see the location of each Qualified Opportunity Zone.  Opportunity Zones are "permanent" designations; short of action by Congress, they cannot be changed.

Map Of Qualified Opportunity Zones

I am a Promoter-Developer-Entrepreneur with a Project that is located in an Opportunity Zone. How do I take advantage of the new legislation?

You are what the Opportunity Fund legislation is all about!  The whole Opportunity-Zone-Fund concept only works if people like you share information about your Projects with the Opportunity Fund community that wants to invest.  There are two things you can do.  First, search through the registered Opportunity Funds and reach out to ones that are investing n Projects like yours.  Second, register your Project on this website so that Opportunity Funds can find it and contact you.  Are you ready to register your Opportunity Zone Project now?

How to register an Opportunity Zone Project

Do you want to search for Opportunity Funds that have money to invest?

Opportunity Funds are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars that they must invest in Opportunity Zone Projects. If you have a Project that might be funded with Opportunity Fund dollars, you will want to search for a Fund that is the right fit for your Project. Click here to search for the right Opportunity Fund.

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